The project to rebuild a new wharf was an emergency for the PAD General Directorate. Since 2001, the Duke of Alba Petroleum of the Port of Douala-Bonabéri had been completely destroyed after two successive ship strikes.
For the temporary reception of oil tankers, quay No. 1 of the conventional port will be temporarily equipped for cargo unloading operations from
petroleum products intended for the national market and for certain countries in the sub-region. But with great risks of fire and explosion that could ignite the conventional port in general and quay n°1 in particular. The work of a modern dolphin is in progress. According to the successful tenderer of the E.JN. NEGRI, a French company specialising in maritime and river works since 1928, has completed the installation of the foundation piles for the new structures. The construction of the reinforced concrete structures of the working platform has begun. This will be followed by the construction of the pedestrian access footbridge and pipe support, 2 mooring dolphins and 2 mooring dolphins; the installation of defences and their shields; the installation of bollards, ladders and guardrails on the platform and on the dolphins; and the construction of pipelines and protection.

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