Port Of Douala: Towards The Acquisition Of 04 Scanners For Cameroonian Customs

According to the customs, these new devices will help strengthen the surveillance of goods in the port of Douala which currently has a single scanner.

The Cameroonian Customs will equip itself with new state-of-the-art equipment including four scanners to reinforce the control during customs clearance operations of goods at the port of Douala. In this perspective, the customs administration has just created, in consultation with the Société générale de Surveillance (SGS), a working group responsible for implementing the said project.

The task of the working group is to identify all the prerequisites for the start of the scanner project, to propose, within the framework of the facilitation of foreign trade operations, the solutions for a better insertion of the project in the procedure of customs clearing of goods and develop the scanner procedures manual. These new devices will strengthen the surveillance of goods in the port of Douala which has a single scanner currently.

In 2006, the customs administration integrated the scanner into the customs clearance procedure at the port of Douala.

The testing of scanner technology has achieved several objectives, including the facilitation of foreign trade, the increase of customs revenue, the improvement of security, the deterrent effect on inappropriate behaviour, the fight against fraud, contraband and counterfeiting.

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