For an effective and efficient management of some parts of the port activity, the General Directorate of the Port Authority of Douala has created administrative units, in strict compliance with the prerogatives conferred on it by the decree of 24 January 2019. There are currently three Administrative Units, namely :

  • The Administrative Unit in charge of the Container Terminal which successfully resumed the operation of this activity after the end of the DIT contract.


  • The Administrative Unit in charge of Dredging, which will take over the permanent dredging activities of the channel, water bodies, quays and docks. The outsourcing of this activity through public procurement contracts has placed a considerable burden on the company’s accounts. This adminstrative unit, which will be equipped with qualified personnel and its own equipment, including two newly acquired new dredgers, will drastically reduce dredging costs.


  • The Administrative Unit in charge of securing the port area, named Douala Port Security (DPS). The Port of Douala-Bonaberi will soon be secured by a perimeter fence of more than 20 kilometres, illuminated and protected by video surveillance. The accesses, with bungalows, will be monitored by ultra-modern equipment. In-line static and dynamic weighbridges will be used for the systematic weighing of heavy and containerised vehicles. Doors with turnstiles for pedestrian access after biometric or badge recognition will allow better filtering of entries. A specialized para-military corps of security guards will be part of the security safety system. The fraudulent practices that have long tarnished the image of the PAD will be a distant memory. All these entities contribute to the Performance, Attractivity and Competitiveness of the Douala-Bonabéri Port Complex.

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