The Deputy Director, Samuel Ngondi Eboua, and The Deputy Managing Director Idriss Beye are currently installed in their functions by the General Manager of the Port Authority of Douala.
The two managers will have a heavy load, the management of the first steps of the Delegated Dredging Authority.
Faced with the exorbitant costs of the dredging activity of the channel and water bodies of the Port of Douala-Bonabéri which burdened the finances of the company, the President of the Republic instructed the empowerment of dredging with the creation of an entity responsible for the management of this activity.
It’s done. The Delegated Dredging Authority was created by the Board of Directors. This entity has its own equipment and staff. Beyond the dredging activity, RDD also has a commercial component. The products (sediments) of dredging will now have to be exploited for cash flow into the PAD coffers.

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