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For an effective and efficient management of some parts of the port activity, the General Directorate of the Port Authority of Douala has created administrative units, in strict compliance with the prerogatives conferred on it by the decree of 24 January 2019. There are currently three Administrative Units, namely : The Administrative Unit in charge of […]

European Union’s, Project WeCAPS Donates Anti COVID-19 Support Materials to the Port Authority of Douala (PAD).

The Conference hall of the Port Authority of Douala was today June 19, 2020 filled with numerous cartons of anti covid-19 materials, from the European Union to PAD in the presence of the General Manager, Directors of various services, Head of Departments and the Representatives of the European Union. The General Manager of the Port […]


The project to rebuild a new wharf was an emergency for the PAD General Directorate. Since 2001, the Duke of Alba Petroleum of the Port of Douala-Bonabéri had been completely destroyed after two successive ship strikes. For the temporary reception of oil tankers, quay No. 1 of the conventional port will be temporarily equipped for […]

Port Of Douala: Towards The Acquisition Of 04 Scanners For Cameroonian Customs

According to the customs, these new devices will help strengthen the surveillance of goods in the port of Douala which currently has a single scanner. The Cameroonian Customs will equip itself with new state-of-the-art equipment including four scanners to reinforce the control during customs clearance operations of goods at the port of Douala. In this […]