News the Port of Douala is organised into 11 geographical areas of operation including: A General Cargo Port that occupies the location of what is now considered to be « the old Port ». Modernized Container Terminal for imported containers and vehicles, extending to Posts 14 to 17 Wood terminal for wood treatment Fruit terminal that handles both traffic and fruit traffic, mainly bananas, bananas, fruits and vegetables. pineapple and cereals. Mineral Terminal for the traffic of alumina on import and aluminium on export Oil Terminal which is composed of a Duke of Alba intended for the docking of tankers, Tankers located 200 m from the left bank of the Wouri. A berth is temporarily assigned to ships due to the unavailability of this Duke of Alba. Fishing port where fishing activities take place organized around the upstream dock with several facilities The Ship Repair Area managed by the Cameroon Naval and Industrial Shipyard Logistical support areas for traffic in the Hinterland countries; Logistical support areas for oil exploration; Long-term storage areas with stores.