After delivering a station hopper dredger, model BEAVER 50, to the Port Authority of Douala trailing hopper dredger, model Easy Dredge TSHD 3000, with a volume of 3000 m3 assigned to the dredging access chanel of the port.

The funding agreement for this ship which is being manufactured in IHC’s workshops in Holland, was initialled on 21st December 2019 by the General Manager of the Port Authority of Douala, Cyrus Ngo’o and senior IHC officials.

This technologically advanced equipment, together with the dredger  »Chantal Biya », which is currently being upgraded, and the station dredger BEAVER 50 as well as other equipment, will constitute the fleet of the organ governing dredging created within the PAD.

The permanent dredging operation that the Port Authority of Douala will undertake in the coming days, concern not only the channel, dock feets and basins, but also operational areas (navigable and exploitable) of the Wouri river which are considerably sandy and/or muddy. This process will be coupled with the clean-up of the river which justifies the recent acquisition of a multi-functional ship.

Indeed, in almost all the ports of the world, the silting-up of the Wouri river is a major problem and silvation is a permanent threat. In fact, their structures are mostly found in areas where the depth is relatively shallow, such as estuaries. Dredging is then essential to allow ships access to the docks. It is a vital necessity for their operation. It is an important economic stake.

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