Services to Ships


Piloting is the operation of assistance provided to the captain of a ship by a PAD pilot during an entry and exit manoeuvre of the port. 24 hours a day, the Port of Douala welcomes ships. Any ship of 200 gross tons or more entering or leaving the Port of Douala must be accompanied by a PAD pilot from the base buoy of the Wouri channel. for an efficient Pilotage process, the Port Autonome de Douala has: a team of highly qualified pilots; state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to facilitate their operations.



Towing and Mooring


Towing and mooring activities at the Port of Douala have been granted to a private company called BOLUDA. towing is mandatory for any vessel of 600 gross tons or more. mooring is an operation that consists of keeping a vessel docked using mooring lines.


Ship repair


Ship repair is an industrial activity that consists in providing solutions to the various problems of ships at berth, carried out by the Cameroon Industrial Shipyard (CNIC) which, located in the Port of Douala, has a workshop equipped with high-performance machine tools and 03 floating docks of 500 and 1000 tonnes for the refitting of ships.




It is an operation that consists in supplying ships with the products necessary for daily life on board, and the supply of water and hydrocarbons is carried out by the fire brigade of the Autonomous Port of Douala. The food supply is carried out by shipchandlers (approved private companies).