Service related to Merchandise



It is an operation that consists of supplying the ships with necessary products for daily life on board. The supply in water and hydrocarbons is carried out by the marine firemen of the Autonomous Port of Douala. The one in food is carried out by shipchandles (approved private companies). The Handling at the Port of Douala is conceded to experienced private companies grouped into unions so most important of which is the GPAC (Groupement Professionnels des Acconiers du Cameroun) called in english CSPG (Cameroon Stonemasons Professional Group) The main private companies responsible of carrying out cargo handling operations at the port of Douala are

  • ASSA
  • RTC

The towing and mooring activities at the Port of Douala have been conceded to a private company called BOLUDA.

Towing is compulsory for any ship greater than or equal to 600 gross tons.

The mooring is an operation which consists of keeping a docked ship using moorings


Situated in a country of recognized dynamism, the port of Douala,  » reference center in the heart of the Gulf of Guinea », is a real logistics platform through which 2/3 of the exchanges of the hinterland countries and many others transit, in particular :

  • The Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Le Congo
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Le Gabon
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Nigeria

The wharf called « Boscam » is the centre of an international cabotage activity, receiving an important traffic destined for the countries of West and Central Africa.