The reduction of the exorbitant costs of dredging the Port of Douala-Bonabéri was placed as a priority priority by the Director General, Cyrus Ngo’o, three years ago. With the support of the Government of the Republic and the Board of Directors, empowerment is being put in place, with a Delegated Dredging Authority within the PAD. This, with operating facilities for greater efficiency, will bea equipped with several pieces of equipment, including two newly acquired dredges. It is a stationary suction dredger VIGILANCE, type BEAVER 50 for water bodies, dock feet and docks, which is shipped here, with an assistance boat, PATRIOT and their accessories. This equipment will arrive in Douala in about 20 days. This will soon be followed by an operating suction dredger of the Easy Dredge TSHD 3000 type, with a well capacity of 3,000 m3, dedicated to dredging the access channel to the port. In addition to these two vessels, there will be the dredger Chantal Biya, which had been out of service for 9 years and whose rehabilitation is being completed thanks to the PAD’s internal expertise.
If yesterday dredging was a barrel of the Danaïdes for the PAD, the General Management now wants to make it a money provider, through the recycling of materials resulting from dredging works.

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